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Greater Boston Urology Welcomes Congressman Stephen Lynch

L to R:  Senator Michael Rush; Representative Paul McMurtry; Congressman Stephen Lynch;
Padraic McCahill, MD; Michael Curran, MD; Michael Geffin, MD; Angel Johnson, MD; and Les Cavicchi, COO

We were pleased to welcome the Honorable Congressman Stephen Lynch (D) to our Dedham Care Center on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Also in attendance were Representative Paul McMurtry (D) from the 11th Norfolk District and Senator Michael Rush (D) from Norfolk and Suffolk Districts. 

Congressman Lynch was welcomed by Dr. Michael Curran, Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Michael Geffin, Chief Medical Officer; Dr. Padraic McCahill, North Easton Care Center; Dr. Angel Marie Johnson, Director, Women’s Health; and Les Cavicchi, Chief Operating Officer.  

The Congressman toured the facility and learned about GBU's advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities. In addition, discussions focused on the impact of private practice medicine on the quality of patient care, the reduction of overall health care costs, and the improved patient satisfaction of care delivery at the local level. 

Dr. Curran commented, "I was grateful to Congressman Lynch and our Massachusetts delegation for taking some time from their busy schedules to learn about Greater Boston Urology. I offered to be a resource to the Congressman or his staff at any time. We specifically discussed regulations related to ending the Medicare site of service differential and modernizing the Stark Act. Both of these measures would help lower the cost of care and improve access for patients." 

GBU Stephen Lynch 2

L to R:  Congressman Stephen Lynch; Mona Marcucella, Medical Secretary; Michael J. Curran, MD

Marty Walsh, President of Gateway Public Solutions and lobbyist for Greater Boston Urology, coordinated the Congressman’s visit. 

At GBU, we're passionate about patient advocacy. See below for links to further reading and videos:

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