Thank you for visiting Greater Boston Urology’s virtual home. We’re glad you stopped by. We have so much to offer patients and their loved ones. Below, you can read messages from our CEO and COO.


A Message from Dr. Michael J. Curran, Chief Executive Officer

“Greater Boston Urology is an integrated urology practice. This means that from the time you walk through our doors, we strive to manage all of your urologic care under one roof. Think imaging studies, diagnostic testing, pathologic testing, and surgical treatments. This makes GBU unique, and we’re proud of this distinction.

We’re also proud to have such a dynamic group of individual physicians who can take care of so many different needs. We have great relationships with all of the surrounding hospitals and referring primary care physicians as well.

We’ve created this network of care centers throughout eastern Massachusetts, including the Cape, so that it’s convenient for you to see one of our physician partners. Bottom line: we’re here for you to ensure you get the care that you need.” 



A Message from Les Cavicchi, Chief Operating Officer

“Sometimes the hardest phone call to make is the first one to a urologist. Let’s face it: urology involves an incredibly sensitive area of the body. And I, of all people, understand how overwhelming, frustrating, embarrassing, and even scary those areas can be.

Back in 2013, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I chose Greater Boston Urology for my care before I became COO. In fact, one of the many reasons I was so eager to join this practice as an employee is because of the outstanding care I received as a patient.

At GBU, you can trust that our excellent physicians will know exactly how to take care of you. We look forward to seeing you in person and making you feel welcome and comfortable while we address your health issues—and you won’t even have to fight Boston traffic!”

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