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Our Story

Greater Boston Urology is the premier integrated urology practice in New England. Founded in 2010 by Dr. Michael J. Curran, who serves as our chief executive officer, GBU has assembled a team of excellent physician-partners who serve multiple locations in Greater Boston, the South Shore, and the Cape & Islands. Over the last decade, the physician roster has grown steadily.

And we're just getting started.

GBU at a Glance

  • Founded in 2010
  • Convenient locations—for patients and staff
  • CAP-accredited lab in-house in our Framingham Care Center
  • Early adopter of leading diagnostic and treatment protocols
  • Leading local sponsor in the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk
  • Leading local sponsor in the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network Run/Walk
  • Collaborative, caring team at every level, from front-office staff to operations to clinical personnel

"GBU offers a unique opportunity to a single practicing urologist. You can choose to practice urology in a vacuum and practice by yourself and not have the opportunity to confer with colleagues about complex medical and surgical situations. And in today's day and age, the way the technology is catching up with us, it's nice to have a group of other urologists that I can lean on that has the ability to help me with complicated decisions. So, Greater Boston Urology has been a tremendous asset in terms of having extra tools in my pocket to help patients."

~ Dr. J. Keith Bleiler

"I like a collaborative approach to medicine where you can run interesting and difficult cases against your partners and see what their thoughts might be."

~ Dr. Stanley E. Kraus

"We are an integrated urology practice, meaning that from the time a patient comes into our practice setting, we strive to care for everything within the field of urology that the patient's going to need. Think imaging studies, diagnostic testing, pathologic testing, and surgical treatments. We try to manage these things within the walls of the company itself. That makes us very unique."

~ Dr. Michael J. Curran

"Greater Boston Urology actually is quite unique to Massachusetts and to medicine. It was formed by a number of individual smaller groups that came together. The patients have tremendous benefit from this integration because there are certain individuals within the group who have certain subspecialties. If the general urologist who they are seeing feels that the patient's disease process needs to be seen by someone who's an expert, there is someone within the group who can take them to that next step of care."

~ Dr. Michael Geffin

"I think being part of Greater Boston Urology is beneficial for both me and my patients because for me, I have multiple partners who I can speak to and every one of them specializes in something different. I can always ask for an opinion if I'm not sure. In terms of patients, I think it's also beneficial because instead of going to a completely new doctor if they have a problem that I am not comfortable managing, I can refer them to one of my partners and they already automatically have all the records and all the necessary information to help them in the most efficient form."

~ Dr. Natalya Lopushnyan

"By bringing together several smaller groups of urologists, we've been able to offer our patients services that we simply wouldn't be able to offer in smaller two- to four-doctor practices. We're able to provide the best care possible in the most efficient way that we can."

~ Dr. James M. Fitzgerald

"We've assembled a large group of urologists over a number of locations, and we're all board-certified, and we're beginning to sub-specialize. Because medicine has gotten so complex, it's probably not best that everybody does everything a few times a year. It's good if you have certain things that you do more frequently, because you can do them better."

~ Dr. Padraic D. McCahill

"The concept of Greater Boston Urology in having a larger group practice is something unique for Massachusetts. I think a lot of these communities outside, from Brockton here down the Cape, were not being served for some of the high care, and everyone felt you needed to go north or into Boston to get that care. We're bringing that to the community, and people can stay here and get their treatment for their cancer and not have to go to Boston."

~ Dr. Stephen Craig Gillard

"I think GBU has really been terrific because we can offer comprehensive urologic care. We have all kinds of services that we can provide under our umbrella. Because we're a large group, we can really work in a consultative manner. We have a pathology lab. Our pathologist reads more prostate pathology tissue than any other pathologist in Massachusetts. People can get their ultrasounds here. So, we have a lot of different services that we can deliver, without people needing to go to the hospital, going anywhere else, to get those kinds of services. I think our patients really enjoy that."

~ Dr. Ryan E. Frankel

"We decided to create Greater Boston Urology and have a large consortium of urologists in the Greater Boston area. I think what I found that has been most beneficial is the sense of collegiality that exists between all urologists, as we've all been called to the same career choice. We also offer more for our patients in this capacity. We have more patient services available and more provider locations where patients can go that best suits their needs."

~ Dr. Justin Gould

"I think Greater Boston urology is the best option for patients out there who are seeking urological care. We have multiple office locations throughout the Boston area. We have an incredible team of physicians, PAs, MAs, office support staff to truly see patients through all their problems. When you walk into the door, I want patients and I want my patients to feel like they are held by our community and by our company. And it's an excellent place to be able to walk patients through their problems from start to finish. We take pride in how we take care of our patients, not just getting them in and out of the door."

~ Dr. Jonathan S. Brajtbord

"Greater Boston Urology is an excellent example of an integrative practice. You have multiple urologists who have varied interests. We have a pathologist in our clinical lab that specializes in urologic pathology. When you're part of an integrative practice with other urologists, you can bounce ideas off of other doctors, kind of share patient problems, and kind of see what other people's opinions are. Sometimes that can be very useful in helping solve a patient's issue. We offer multiple patient clinic offices that they can go to and I think that really offers a lot of advantages for patients."

~ Dr. Shawn Liu

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Why Join GBU?

  • Competitive salaries
  • Collaborative, collegial atmosphere
  • Excellent benefits, including health, dental, retirement, vacation, life insurance, a health savings account, and paid time off
  • Convenient locations with plenty of parking (no driving into Boston!)
  • Partner-track opportunities for physicians with amazing benefits

Our Physicians, in Their Own Words

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