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There's nothing routine about the urology care we deliver because there's nothing routine about your health. Whether you’re dealing with prostate cancer, ED, BPH, or some other condition, our board-certified urologists will guide you every step of the way regarding options and outcomes.

"The service and attention to my needs is terrific. Dr. Curran is careful and very often has an answer or a suggested course of action. He and the staff are quite attentive and professional. Paperwork and appointments are on time - and there is a relatively short waiting time unless the doctor has had an emergency for another patient. Donna Robbins, PA-C, has always been excellent and caring for my course of treatment. She has managed the alternative PTNS procedure for me in a thorough and informative way."

"Dr. Geffin is an outstanding, caring doctor. He's always very clear with me and double checks to make sure he's answered all my questions. I never feel rushed by him. He's also very down to Earth and has a good sense of humor which puts me at ease during some stressful times. I highly recommend him! "

"Dr. Bleiler is my idea of the ideal physician. He's a highly-skilled physician, has a great manner, presents information clearly/succinctly, and shows care for the patient. I would recommend him to anyone who needed similar care. "

"Dr. Lopushnyan must have graduated FIRST in her class as my procedure was painless, prompt, and without side effects. "

"Dr. Fitzgerald was with me every step of the way from the office visits prior to surgery to the day of the procedure and then after. Very caring and I would recommend him to anyone. "

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