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How Does MonaLisa Touch Help Atrophic Vaginitis?

According to its website, MonaLisa Touch® is a new procedure based on a unique concept and designed to restore the trophic conditions of the vaginal and the vulvar area.

Below, Dr. Stephen Craig Gillard describes the procedure in his own words (the content has been edited for readability). You can also watch the video—he discusses the procedure around 1:30 in.

"The procedure we're talking about is the MonaLisa laser. I was one of the first in New England to start treating people, and the first in Massachusetts.

It's a vaginal interpulse laser therapy. The main treatment is for atrophic vaginitis (postmenopausal genitourinary syndrome). Symptoms can include vaginal itching, irritation, painful sexual intercourse, and urinary problems.

People experiencing atrophic vaginitis don't have to be postmenopausal, however. Think younger women who have been treated for breast cancer and who have estrogen issues and can't take estrogen.

The MonaLisa Touch is a quick procedure. It's totally painless. Women come in the morning. They're usually done within five to 10 minutes. And it's three treatments six weeks apart. We're looking at 95 or greater percent satisfaction with the treatments."

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