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Greater Boston Urology Celebrates a Decade of Patient Care in 2020

A little over a decade ago, Dr. Michael J. Curran had a vision: to bring together the area's most sought-after urologists so they could pool resources in one practice and, as a result, provide more efficient care to patients.

Dr. Curran, who serves as GBU's CEO, explains, "Greater Boston Urology is an integrated urology practice. This means that from the time a patient walks through our doors, we strive to manage all of the patient's urologic care under one roof. Think imaging studies, diagnostic testing, pathologic testing, and surgical treatments."

Dr. Curran shared his vision with various colleagues, and in 2010, Greater Boston Urology was born.

In addition to Dr. Michael J. Curran, the founding physicians who continue to practice with GBU today include the following:

Patient Care is the Primary Focus

Les Cavicchi, GBU's COO, says, "Our job in the community is to take care of patients—period. We're very committed to that. The academic centers in the area are wonderful, but they have multiple responsibilities in addition to patient care: educational responsibilities, research responsibilities, teaching responsibilities, and publishing responsibilities. At GBU, our focus is 100% on developing a comprehensive plan of care for each patient and guiding each patient to a successful clinical outcome." 

Because this medical model allows the practice to pool resources, patients enjoy the benefit of a wide range of treatment options, such as 3D MRI/ultrasound fusion biopsy, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), and molecular marker studies, to name just a few.

GBU has assembled a team of excellent physicians who serve multiple locations in Greater Boston, the South Shore, and the Cape & Islands. The physician roster has grown to sixteen board-certified urologists, a urogynecologist, several physician assistants, a nurse navigator, and a pelvic floor physical therapist.

Reflecting on the Last Decade

Looking back on the last ten years, Dr. Curran says, "I am most proud of our persistence and our commitment to each other. Ten years ago, we had many skeptics. They far outnumbered those of us who committed to forming GBU. In fact, a few of the original partners were skeptics at the time as well. However, we all came together and committed ourselves to making GBU work. We supported each other, we sacrificed many personal goals or comforts in order to see the group succeed, and we have had passionate disagreements over the years. Our main goal, however, has always been aligned: continually improve and make GBU better than it was the previous year. 

"We have learned from our mistakes and we have been brave and bold enough to risk making mistakes. The partner doctors at GBU have created a culture where we understand we are doing something unique and we support each other through the wins as well as the losses. Because of this culture, we are here ten years later, seeing more patients, delivering a higher quality of medicine, and creating more professional satisfaction for our employees." 

Other GBU Milestones from the Last Decade:

As for the Next Ten Years?

We're excited to see where the next decade takes us. Of course, the main thing we all hope for is continued progress/breakthroughs in the treatment of devastating diseases like prostate cancer. Maybe this decade will be THE decade we see ZERO prostate cancer!

On behalf of all of us at GBU, we thank you for your continued support.

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