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What Is Voiding Dysfunction?

Voiding dysfunction is a general term for problems with emptying the bladder due to the urethra and bladder not functioning together as they should (often due to overactive pelvic floor muscles). Symptoms can include increased frequency, urgency, and non-obstructive urine retention. Voiding dysfunction affects women and men and can dramatically decrease a person’s quality of life.

Our board-certified urologists can diagnose your voiding dysfunction and provide treatment options that’ll help you feel like yourself again. Your quality of life matters. Let us help!

"Dr. Johnson was like a miracle for me. I've been searching for a doctor to help me and none of them really offered anything that would help. I luckily found her and she’s changed my life. I want to thank her so very much for the kindness and your expertise."

"I felt positive results after the first few visits, and left with a full recovery after a little over 3 months! Dr. Thomas-Jeffrey was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the entire process, along with the rest of the staff that assisted me with scheduling and payments. I would certainly recommend this location for anyone in need of pelvic floor PT!"

"I had my first visit with Dr. Liu today and was extraordinarily happy with his treatment of me. He was a wonderful person with a manner that made me feel very at ease. He was articulate and spent a good deal of time with me listening to my explanation. His advice was clear and precise. I would highly recommend him."

"Dr. McCahill is very easy to talk to and really listens to what concerns I have."

"I have seen Dr. Lopushnyan for a year or so and she has always been attentive, thorough, and pleasant. I am very glad I was recommended to her practice."

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