Understanding Male Infertility

When you and your partner decide to have a family, nothing can be more frustrating and disappointing than challenges with conceiving. Here’s the thing: Infertility can affect both women and men.

In terms of male infertility, the focus is typically on sperm count, sperm production, shape of the sperm, and movement of the sperm. Causes of male infertility can range from side effects to drugs/medications, lifestyle (obesity, smoking), and medical conditions, such as low testosterone or varicocele (swelling of veins in the testicles). If you suspect an issue with your fertility or if you’re unsure, talk to a doctor. 

Our board-certified urologists can diagnose male infertility and provide guidance regarding your options. You’re not alone. Let us help!

"I had my first visit with Dr. Liu today and was extraordinarily happy with his treatment of me. He was a wonderful person with a manner that made me feel very at ease. He was articulate and spent a good deal of time with me listening to my explanation. His advice was clear and precise. I would highly recommend him."

"I have seen Dr. Lopushnyan for a year or so and she has always been attentive, thorough, and pleasant. I am very glad I was recommended to her practice."

"I have total confidence in Dr. Gould of Greater Boston Urology. He and his staff have treated me competently and with warmth for a year and a half now and I recommend them highly."

"Very easy to make an appointment, very proficient and pleasant staff. Dr Lin explained everything very clearly and his demeanor is approachable and warm. Without hesitation I’d recommend this office and their staff. Thank you!"

"As always, warm and professional care. Dr. McCahill is patient and thorough in his explanation. The support staff is welcoming and caring."

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