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State of the Art Lecture: 3 Dimensional MRI Guided Prostate Biopsy

Tuesday 11/3/15
Location Norwood Hospital
Time 12:00pm

Presenters: Dr. Michael J Curran, MD  &  Dr. Michael Geffin, MD

Join Dr. Curran and Dr. Geffin who will share their experience and expertise with the Norwood Hospital Medical Staff. They will be discussing new innovations with regards to male prostate diagnostics, a dynamic and ever changing field. The Urologists at Greater Boston Urology are committed to ensuring that men throughout the community will have access to the most recent innovations regarding prostate health. 3-D MRI guided prostate biopsy provides men with a significant advantage over “random” ultrasound guided biopsies. The 3-D biopsy will help reduce false negative biopsies and over time will reduce the total number of biopsies a community will need to properly screen the population. Greater Boston Urology is the leader in this technology in New England. We have performed this technique on hundreds of patients over the past three years.

All are welcome to attend this Grand Rounds talk.

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