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Take Advantage of the ED Solutions Available To You

Full article posted in South Shore Senior News – April 2015 (PDF, page 4)

By Greg Porell
Senior News Staff

Men’s Health Month is coming up in June. What better time to discuss erectile dysfunction (ED)! ED use to be attributed to aging and was seen as a natural nonthreatening condition. However, recent studies show that ED may be a red flag for future health problems.

“Erections are an overall statement on the health of a man,” said Natalya Lopushnyan, Doctor of Urology with Greater Boston Urology located in North Easton. “If you have bad vascular health, you won’t get a good erection. If a person has diabetes, it can impact the nerves and reduce the erection quality.”

Click here to read full article (PDF, page 4).

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