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Integrative Men's Health: 3 Myths about Urology Care

Dr. Jonathan Brajtbord is a men's health expert specializing in erectile dysfunction, sexual medicine, urinary incontinence, and pelvic pain. He takes a holistic integrative approach to urologic health that moves beyond the standard definition of what a urologist typically does.

Dr. Brajtbord explains, "The food you eat, what you do, and how you do it can significantly impact your urologic health, and my goal is to help men sort through those connections to help them lead the fullest life possible."

He developed this passion during his residency. "I went to medical school at Mount Sinai in New York City," he says. "And from there, I moved to San Francisco where I completed my urology residency at the University of California in San Francisco. During this time, I did a fellowship in integrated medicine. That's where I made the decision to bring those two skills—integrated medicine and my men's health expertise—to my career and practice with GBU."

Below, you'll find a Q&A with Dr. Brajtbord.

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[Editor's note: This article was reviewed and updated with additional links on 1/4/22.]

What is integrative men's health?

DR. BRAJTBORD: Integrative men's health is a way of looking at the problems that affect men—like erectile dysfunction, urinary problems, and pelvic pain—and taking a more holistic approach. So how does your life affect these problems? For example, how do stress and anxiety manifest in your urological health?

Now, when some men hear the word "integrative" or "holistic," they get turned off by the idea or they say, 'Oh, that's not for me.' And what I do is I start asking them questions about how they actually live their life. What do they do in the morning? What's their routine? How's their relationship with their wife or their significant other?

And as men begin to see that all of these things can affect their health and their overall quality of life, they begin to understand that changing some of these very basic fundamentals can actually have a huge effect.

And that's my goal and mission. An integrative approach isn't for everyone, but for the men who are interested in doing some real work and who want to change their health and lives for the better, I'm a great resource for that.

What are 3 Myths About Urology Care?

Myth #1: When it comes to erectile dysfunction, if it's broken, it can't be fixed.

DR. BRAJTBORD: Many men see me due to erectile dysfunction. Often times it's a result of age or medical problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. But often a man's stress and anxiety can also play a huge role in their erectile problems. I help men optimize and improve their health while we undergo a thorough evaluation and workup for the erectile dysfunction. Treatment options could include oral medicines, penile Doppler studies with injections as well as possible surgeries or low dose shockwave therapy.

Myth #2: Needing to pee often is normal.

DR. BRAJTBORD: Men often come to see me because they feel the need to pee all the time. Sometimes this can be a side effect of BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia. Sometimes it's a bladder problem. Often times, it can also be the side effect of a man's stress or anxiety. It's just a physical manifestation of that. I take into account all these potential factors when doing an evaluation for men with this problem.

[Editor's note: Frequent urination might be common, especially as men age, but it's not "normal. The good news? Treatment options exist. Talk to your doctor.]

Myth #3: When it comes to testosterone replacement, fixing a number will fix you.

DR. BRAJTBORD: For some men who have symptoms of low testosterone, replacing this important hormone in your body can provide enormous benefits to your life. Often times, however, some men come see me and they feel like fixing this number will fix their entire life. I prefer to take an integrative approach that examines your whole life, including your habits and your exercise routine along with testosterone replacement to help men truly transform their lives.

Thanks, Dr. Brajtbord!

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