Our Approach to Bladder & Vaginal Infections

Bladder and vaginal infections are common, frustrating, and often painful. Sixty percent of women will experience a urinary tract infection in their lifetime. Although “common,” bladder and vaginal infections are never normal.

Our urogynecologists and urologists can get to the root of your vaginal and bladder infection and provide options for effective treatment. You are not alone. Let us help.

"Dr. Fitzgerald is in my opinion one of the best. Takes the time needed to explain and is generally interested in your condition. Thoughtful and extremely professional."

"This is a wonderfully well-run office! Not only do I love Dr. Johnson, but her staff have been extremely helpful to me in many different ways and I am grateful for the wonderful care they give me."

"Very well organized office with a professional, courteous and accommodating staff. Appointments are kept timely. Dr. Geffin was thorough and I am confident that he has my total health interest for future visits and or concerns that may arise."

"The care is superb. The knowledge of urologic issues faced by patients is remarkable. The appointment process is superb and the scheduled times are kept. The welcome process is immediate and all personnel are friendly, helpful and efficient. The listening skills of the physicians and Associates is always present. Our physician accepts phone calls and returns calls. We are pleased with Greater Boston Urology in Dedham."

"Dr. Gould and his staff were wonderful. He was patient and listened carefully to my issues and concerns."

Read. Watch. Learn.

Are you dealing with a bladder or vaginal infection? Let us help.